Dine-In, Take-out, Delivery Available

China Sea of Absecon

Seasonings may be adjusted to your taste.


General Tso's Chicken $11.25

 Sesame Chicken $11.25

Walnut Chicken $11.25

 Boneless chicken chunks marinated and quickly pan-fried until crispy. Then sauteed with scorched red peppers in our special tangy sauce. Yum yum!​​
Chunks of tender chicken in brown sauce & fresh roasted sesame seeds.​​

Spicy Orange Chicken $11.25

 General Tso's Shrimp $12.75

Walnut Shrimp $12.75

Crispy tender chicken with tingling spicy orange sauce.
 Boneless jumbo shrimp marinated and quickly pan-fried until crispy. Then sauteed with scorched red peppers in our special tangy sauce. Yum yum!​​​

Spicy Orange Beef $11.75

Sesame Beef $11.50

Hunan Chicken and Shrimp $11.75

Crispy tender beef with tingling spicy orange sauce.
Chunks of tender beef quickly pan-fried until crispy then sauteed in a sweet brown sauce & fresh roasted sesame seeds.​​

Triple Delight $13.50

Sizzling Beef and Scallops $12.95

Red Rose Scallops $13.95

Jumbo shrimp, beef, chicken and vegetables sauteed in a brown sauce.
Tender beef, fresh scallops mixed with chinese vegetables served on a hot sizzling plate​.
Fresh scallops sauteed with red peppers, water chestnuts, straw mushrooms in spicy hunan sauce.

Crispy Shrimp $12.75

Prawns and Chicken Delight $12.75

Pan Fried Noodles $12.50

Jumbo shrimp crispy fried for full flavor, enhanced by gourmet spicy sauce on the top.
Jumbo shrimp and chicken with broccoli, shredded red & green pepper, water chestnuts, and black mushrooms in garlic sauce​.
Noodles fried on both sides to make a crispy base and served with shrimp, scallops, chicken, and assorted chinese vegetables.

Happy Family $13.50

 Perfect Match $13.70

Dragon and Phoenix $13.50

White meat chicken, beef, jumbo shrimp, & fresh scallops w/ vegetables in brown sauce.
Jumbo shrimps & scallops sauteed w/ mixed vegetables in brown sauce.
Shrimp sauteed in white wine sauce on one side and spicy chicken on the other, joined with garden vegetables.

Triple Crown $13.25

Seafood Combination $15.95

Seven Stars Around the Moon $19.75

Sliced chicken, scallop & large shrimps w/ broccoli, baby corns, red peppers & mushroom in chef's special sauce. Served in crispy noodle basket.
Jumbo shrimp, fresh scallop, lobster meat, sauteed w/ assorted chinese vegs. In a succulent white sauce​
Sliced beef, fresh scallops w/ various vegs. in brown sauce & large deep fried chicken breast on top. Surrounded w/ seven deep fried jumbo shrimps.

Crispy Whole Fish $M/P

Fresh Steamed Fish (any style) $M/P

Lobster (any style) $M/P

Cantonese style, szechuan, ginger and scallion, garlic sauce or black bean sauce.

Egg roll or Shrimp roll (1) $1.65
Spring roll (thin crust) $1.75
Scallion pancakes $2.75
Beef sticks (4) $ 5.50
Chicken wings (6) $4.95 (12) $9.75
Hot & spring wings (6) $5.50
Pork dumplings (8) $5.75
Vegetable dumplings (6) $4.95
Shrimp toast (4) $3.95
Fantail shrimp (4) $5.75
Cheese wontons (fried ragoons) (6) $4.95
BBQ spare ribs (sm) $9.75 (lg) $12.95
Boneless BBQ ribs $7.50
Cold noodles w/ sesame sauce $4.25
Pu-pu platter (for 2) $12.95
​(served with fried noodles)
Wonton soup (sm) $1.95 (lg) $3.25
Egg drop soup (sm) $1.75 (lg) $3.15
Chicken noodle or rice soup (sm) $1.75 (lg) $3.15
Hot & sour soup (sm) $2.25 (lg) $4.25
Beancurd & vegetable soup (for 2) $4.25
House wonton soup (for 2) $4.95
Seafood vegetable soup (for 2) $5.25
Minced chicken corn soup (for 2) $3.95

Natural brown rice (sm) $1.50 (lg) $2.50
Fried apple $2.50
Fried banana $2.50 ​ 

Vegetable, chicken or pork (sm) $4.25 (lg) $6.50
Shrimp or beef (sm) $4.50 (lg) $7.25
Young chow fried rice (sm) $4.75 (lg) $7.50
House special fried rice (sm) $4.95 (lg) $7.95
Lobster fried rice (sm) $5.95 (lg) $9.25
Beef sticks over vegetable fried rice $8.25
Beef sticks over chicken fried rice $8.50
Beef sticks over pork fried rice $8.50
Beef sticks over beef fried rice $8.75
Beef sticks over shrimp fried rice $8.75
​Chicken wings over vegetable fried rice $7.95
Chicken wings over chicken fried rice $8.25
Chicken wings over pork fried rice $8.25
Chicken wings over beef fried rice $8.50
Chicken wings over shrimp fried rice $8.50

HO FUN (flat rice noodles)
Pork, beef, chicken or shrimp ho fun $7.50
House special ho fun $8.25
MEI FUN (rice vermicelli)
Pork, beef, chicken or shrimp mei fun $7.50
House special mei fun $7.95
Singapore mei fun $7.95

-Served with White Rice or Natural Brown Rice-
Sweet & sour chicken (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Chicken w/ vegetables (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Hunan chicken (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Moo goo gai pan (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Chicken w/ broccoli (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Chicken w/ cashews $9.95
Kung po chicken (peanuts) $9.95
Chicken w/ asparagus $10.25
Szechuan chicken $9.95
Chicken in garlic sauce $9.95
Orange chicken $9.95
Chicken w/ string beans $9.95
Chicken w/ snow peas $9.95
Lemon chicken $10.25
Chicken w/ eggplant $10.25
Curry chicken $9.95
Moo shu chicken (w/ 4 pancakes) $10.25
Green jade chicken $10.25
Sweet & sour pork (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Double cooked pork (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Hunan pork (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Pork w/ vegetables (sm) $6.25 (lg) $9.95
Pork in garlic sauce $9.95
Pork w/ scallions $9.95
Moo shu pork (w/ 4 pancakes) $9.95
Hunan beef (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Pepper steak (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Beef w/ broccoli (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Beef w/ vegetables (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Beef in garlic sauce $10.95
Beef w/ mushrooms & snow peas $10.95
Beef w/ scallions $10.95
Beef w/ string beans $10.95
Beef w/ asparagus $10.95
Szechuan beef $10.95
Moo shu beef (w/ 4 pancakes) $10.95
Sweet & sour shrimp (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Hunan shrimp (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Shrimp w/ broccoli (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Shrimp w/ vegetables (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Shrimp in lobster sauce (sm) $6.75 (lg) $10.95
Kung po shrimp (peanuts) $10.95
Shrimp w/ cashew nuts $10.95
Shrimp in garlic sauce $10.95
Shrimp w/ snow peas $10.95
Shrimp in black bean sauce $11.50
Szechuan shrimp $10.95
Shrimp w/ asparagus $11.75
Chili shrimp $10.95
Moo shu shrimp (w/ 4 pancakes) $10.95
Scallops in garlic sauce $12.95
Szechuan scallops $12.95
Hunan scallops $12.95

Vegetable delight $7.25
Bean curd w/ vegetables $7.25
Broccoli in garlic sauce $7.25
Eggplant in garlic sauce $7.50
Bean curd szechuan $7.25
Sauteed asparagus $7.50
Dried sauteed string bean $7.25
Sauteed broccoli $6.95
Moo shu vegetables (w/ 4 pancakes) $7.25

Steamed mixed vegetables $6.95
Steam chicken w/ vegetables $9.25
Steam shrimp w/ vegetables $10.95
Steam broccoli $6.95
Steam chicken w/ broccoli $9.95
Steam shrimp w/ broccoli $10.95
Steam chicken w/ snow peas $9.95
Steam scallops w/ broccoli $12.95
Steam scallops w/ vegetables $12.95


Vegetable, chicken or pork EFY $6.75
Shrimp or beef EFY $7.75
Lobster egg foo young $9.95

Vegetable chow mein (sm) $4.25 (lg) $6.50
Chicken or pork chow mein (sm) $4.25 (lg) $7.75
Shrimp or beef chow mein (sm) $4.50 (lg) $7.75
House special chow mein (sm) $4.95 (lg) $7.95
Lobster chow mein (sm) $5.95 (lg) $9.25
Vegetable chop suey (sm) $4.25 (lg) $6.50
Chicken or pork chop suey (sm) $4.25 (lg) $6.95
Shrimp or beef chop suey (sm) $4.75 (lg) $7.75
House special chop suey  (sm) $5.50 (lg) $7.75